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Your primary question about bluffing should be the same as about everything else: What effects will it have on your profits? In other words, bluff for profits, not for fun

Winners’ Laws

Being judiciously deceptive is a major difference between winners and losers, but many losers won’t believe it. They either play too straightforwardly or make fancy plays for the hell of it. Either extreme hurts their bottom line. Since so many people feel uncomfortable about deceiving others, these Winners’ Laws emphasize the way you think and feel about being deceptive.

1. Accept that deception is both legitimate and essential.

You cannot win against even moderately competent players until you accept this reality. If you feel inhibited about playing deceptively, you will lose to anyone who knows how to play.

2. Analyze your own motives constantly.

Repeatedly ask yourself, Why am I acting deceptively or straightforwardly? If you are doing it for fun or because of inhibitions, you are probably costing yourself chips.

3. Play deceptively or straightforwardly only when it increases your long-term profits.

Disregard your guilt about being “dishonest,” your fear of looking foolish, and the kick you get from fancy moves. Do whatever will improve your long-term profits. Since you may have to sacrifice short-term profits, make sure that they are worth it.

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